5 actions to avoid abandoned carts in e-commerce: The abandoned cart is one of the main obstacles of sales in e-commerce because it directly influences the billing. According to a survey by Ve Interactive, in 2015, the average abandonment reached 83.73% for Brazilian virtual stores.

Check out five attitudes that can lessen the chances of having abandoned carts in your online store:

1- Bet on conversion tools

When your customer gives up buying halfway, one of the alternatives is to invest in abandon overlay, a message that appears when the visitor to your site directs the cursor to the page’s close icon.

Put a fun phrase or even offer something for the client to stay on the portal.

2- Send a rescue email

Right after his exit from the site, you can send an email marketing with the products he sought, encouraging him to complete the purchase. This process can be automated and helps stimulate an immediate conversion.

3- Offer advantages

  1. It is worth granting discounts on the chosen products that are still registered in the cart or in the whole purchase, which can contribute to the decision to finalize. It is also indicated to make possible free shipping whenever possible, as well as offer options of total or partial discount on delivery, to reactivate abandoned carts.

4- Invest in the care

In addition to placing an FAQ section in your online store, bet on an online chat so that consumer questions can be answered immediately. Even after the purchase, this tool helps to clarify doubts about the delivery time, payments and other issues.

5- Facilitate the checkout process

The simpler the process of finalizing the purchase, the easier it will be for the customer to complete it. Keep in mind that although some information is important to your online store, it is not every consumer who has the patience to provide it.

Prioritize relevant ones and offer an express checkout option – or checkout on a page. This speeds up the process and allows e-commerce customers to finalize the purchase without having to create an account at the store.

Any suggestions about 5 actions to avoid abandoned carts in e-commerce to feel free to drop a comment in given below comment box.

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